Monday, March 18, 2013

Welcome To My New Blog

     After seeing some of my fellow anglers writing blogs, I decided it was time to setup my own.  Mine will be primarily about fishing...more specifically, from those little plastic things we call kayaks.  I am an avid kayak angler, and a frequent contributor to YakAngler.  I fish mostly NorthEast Florida around Jacksonville, nut from time to time, I am able to travel a little farther and fish for different species, and in different environments.  I plan on talking about everything kayak fishing, and my adventures.  I hope that I am able to post stories, pictures, and videos that may spark your interest in the sport, and have you follow my blog.  I hope to update it weekly, but sometimes it may only be once every other week due to my schedule.  Tight Lines!

Fishing Kayak Reviews

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