Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2012 Jackson Cuda 14 Review

Length: 14’-3”
Width: 30.5”
Height: 11” (seat area)
Weight: 74 lbs.
Capacity: 400 lbs.

The Jackson Cuda 14 is a great kayak for the type of fishing I do.I fish the coastal creeks of Jacksonville, FL, and occasionally will take the kayak offshore. The speed, stability, and of course the seat were what drew me to this kayak.
The Cuda 14 is the longest kayak I have paddled. It tracks very straight without a rudder, and it flies through the water with easy paddle strokes. One thing I have noticed about the length though, is that it turns a lot slower than my old 12.5' kayak. This is something that I don't mind though. There are so many other features that outweigh the problem.
The stability of the Cuda is awesome. I have no problem standing, and fishing, for very long periods of time. I have tested its limits while standing, just to see how much I could do without taking a dive into the water, and I was quite impressed. A lot of it depends on where your head is positioned. Where your head is, your body will follow.
The seat is probably one of the biggest selling points to many who fish from the Cuda. Yes, the seat is amazing! The high-low seat is great. I find it best in the low position when you are paddling longer distances. Then, when you want to sit and fish, the high position gives you a nice view point. It does feel a little tippy at first when paddling from the high position, but it is something you get use to after awhile. It is also a lot easier to go from the high seat position to a standing position, then it is when the seat is low.
There are many other great features of the Jackson Cuda 14 that led me to make the purchase. It has tons of storage with the front and rear hatch, and the center hatch (which I love). The center hatch allows me to store my rods, paddle, tackle, etc...which is great when your going out past the breakers, or just to have everything in one spot when you're about to launch. The rod stagers are great, and I use the rod tip cover a lot when I am paddling through grassy areas. It comes with a nice spot in the back for your fishing crate, a cooler, or whatever else you want to fit back there. The rod holders are very easy to access as well from either low or high seated position.
Jackson did a fantastic job with the Cuda 14. It was very well thought out, and very well made. I look forward to seeing what they come out with in the future.

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