Monday, April 29, 2013

I finally got to fish this weekend!

     I finally got out fishing Saturday for the first time in a few weeks.  I had the fishing bug bad.  I got out to the launch at 7am and waited for a friend. He was suppose to meet me at 7.  I put in around 8am, and he still wasn't there. The day started off slow, and kinda stayed that way.  I only had a few hours to fish since I had to be at a wedding later that day, so I was off the water by 12.
Dead shrimp and cut mullet did nothing on Saturday, except for feed the few trash fish there were.  What did work for the small amount of fish caught were Slayer Jigheads with Slayer SST lures...but they always work.  My first decent hookup was a 2 foot ladyfish, that was extremely acrobatic.  Not the fish I was looking for, but still fun to catch...especially when they fight hard and make multiple jumps. I caught him on a Unfair Lures Rip-N-Slash. If you haven't used one of these, you gotta check them out.  This has become one of my go to baits.  My next fish was caught on a dock demon (I'll post about that later).  It was a fat 18" trout on a Slayer SST. I made a few more casts for the day, and headed back in.  Not a great day of catching, but still a great day.

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